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At the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, arts charity, Multistory, responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by producing a new digital programme called Stories in Isolation to support local artists and their Blast! Creative Network.

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Multistory commissioned BlueBell Films to make an artistic response to the lockdown. Creative Director had moved into his sisters home during the lockdown to help look after his niece and nephew. With the kids, he made a sweet and humorous poem film.

The short film tells the story of a boy’s musings on school, now that he can no longer attend due to lockdown. The film features Bhulla’s nephew Avian, age 8. Jaya, his niece, age 10 supported on production.

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Behind the scenes, 2 out of 17

“I wrote the poem with help from the children who provided me with nuances of school life that enhance the final poem. My niece is fascinated by production whereas my nephew enjoys being in front of the camera. I used this project to teach them hands on lessons in filmmaking such as lighting, acting, production management and editing.”



BBC Midlands Today on Home Time

Satnam Rana reports on Home Time, what it represents and how Bhulla made it in lockdown with the help of his nephew, Avian, and niece, Jaya.

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Screen Brum Talks to Bhulla Beghal

Screen Brum talks to Bhulla Beghal of Bluebell Films about his lockdown short film Home Time, which warmly tells the tale of a boy missing school whilst under quarantine.

Midlands Spotlight

“A new film from Midlands Movies Awards nominee Bhulla Beghal has just been released about a boy who realises how much he misses school now that it has been taken from him.” Click here to read the full post.

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Home Time was made with the input of actor, Avian, 8, and production assistant, Jaya, 10. The project was used as an educational crash course in film-making for the children. They were involved in every step of the way, from first communication with Multistory to final delivery.

The children experienced production coordination, storyboarding, scheduling, set dressing, foley recording, editing, visual effects and many more industry skills. We documented their involvement with a bank of behind the scenes videos. Below are handful of these, click here to view the full behind the scenes playlist.