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You do not need to come to us with a polished idea – let us, as professional filmmakers, mould your idea into fruition. Have a chat, in person or on the phone (we’re always happy to meet) about your ambition, your idea, topic, budget, concerns, time limits etc.  We’ll go away and respond to the brief in a written proposal. 

Once agreed, pre-production begins. 


In pre-production, communication and planning is key. We’ll work to plan everything such as the dates of filming, crew required, availability of contributors, filming locations including permissions to film and the schedules of filming days. 


The filming days. The more thorough the pre-production, the smoother the filming days go. 


Here we begin to form the stories together. The beauty of documentary is that stories and tones can be manipulated in the edit by not only technical skills but by the instinct of a documentary filmmaker. 

“Here, we need to stop the music, let them finish the sentence, hold the shot for a beat, then cut to the next shot with a blast of upbeat music”.
This is the kind of jargon you’ll expect to hear. 

The edit will go through a series of versions
. It will be refined, your feedback, into a film we are both proud of. We use a specialised platform to manage the reviewing stage which allows you to provide feedback with ease, meaning no more long emails referencing time-codes.


We will deliver the film via a download link. The deliverables are determined in the proposal. Perhaps you want widescreen, vertical and square versions of the film. And then a version of each with and without subtitles. We will work flexible so this one piece of content can be fleshed out across your platforms and needs.