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Our portfolio and services range from mini documentaries for corporate companies to independent feature documentaries, award-winning animations to social impact campaigns. Our core offering is an industry-recognised and market-approved skill of storytelling.

We delve into your world to find, capture and cut a story to be absorbed by your audience. Everybody is fascinating, but it’s only up to those curious enough to find the fascination. We meet so many professionals on a day to day basis that we forget they all have a personality, a background, an origin.

BlueBell Films has developed from a foreseen need in visual marketing: documentary, short or long.

With a boom of platforms and visual marketing, teams are often set with a task to play catch-up and do what the competitor has done. We understand this predicament but believe each company has their own individualities. We stand firmly for those who want to innovate, create, lead and be bold.

Our filmmaker’s professional livelihoods are crafted by their instinct in visual storytelling and our network of expert collaborators allow us to think big. We use cinema-grade equipment and industry recognised editing and animation software.

Documentary filmmakers, by nature, are fascinated by other people.
Nobody is above us, nor below.
Everybody is different.
And we are constantly curious.

Let us into your world, we’ll find the fascinating and deliver it on a plate to your audience.


Bhulla Beghal

Creative Director

Creative Director

Bhulla Beghal part of the new wave of producer/writer/directors who’s rapidly gained a profile.

From filming a camel race in Abu Dhabi for a feature documentary to editing 540 product videos in 3 languages in 5 weeks, including feedback stages, to writing and animating an award-winning film, he is a passionate audio-visual storyteller with a diverse skillset.

Bhulla collaborates with in-house digital content creation teams and works directly with clients and marketers, priding himself on pushing creative boundaries while always delivering quality content on brand and on time.

Jack Norris



Jack Norris is a writer, director, camera-operator and editor. A ‘jack of all trades’ if you’re in to bad jokes…

Having worked with some of the world’s largest social media publishers, Jack’s films explore mental health, war and history – accumulating millions of views and engagements.

His studio, Press Record Films is where he releases his projects, showcases his commercial portfolio including a £400-million charity campaign and geeks out about films (a lot).

Jack is a long time collaborator with Bhulla, the two have worked together on 100+ commercial projects from pre-production through to delivery.

Francesca Piccinin

Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator

Francesca Piccinin is an experienced Production Coordinator who has worked on small and big productions in the UK and all over Europe.

Francesca deals with the unexpected, remains calm in high-pressure situations and has an eye for detail. She helps organise logistics, shooting schedules, risk assessments; liaises with crews and talents; she is basically the glue that ties up every production!

Francesca is an Italian with perfect English and even better laughs. She’s a film buff, creative and a pizza lover who refuses to be served Dominos.